Salesforce Vs Amazon Web Services (AWS)– Which Has Better Perspectives on The Market?

Whether you are just starting your IT career or looking for a new opportunity in the already well-settled field, at some point, you will inevitably have to face Salesforce and AWS as the most popular and therefore mended cloud computing and certification providers.

At this point, many aspirants and even seasoned professionals tend to get confused. Technically, choosing between Salesforce and AWS is choosing your whole further career development – the type of companies you will work with, the work style, tasks, and challenges you are most likely to face on the way.

Salesforce Vs Amazon Web Services

Let`s analyze the main similarities and difference between Salesforce and AWS and try to understand which offer the most attractive perspectives for the customers of both platforms and the professionals who work with them.

Salesforce– The first CRM

Salesforce is the provider that once made CRM available for all sorts of businesses, offered new perspectives for strategic planning and development, and created a new level of competition in the market.

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Here are the main distinctive features of Salesforce that gained its popularity among different kinds of businesses as well as various organizations:
  • Manageable and User-Friendly – the main distinctive feature of Salesforce is that it is extremely manageable and offers endless customization options. Salesforce Developers can provide solutions precisely tailored for certain customers making their operation most efficient and convenient to execute;
  • Freedom of Execution – Salesforce does not restrict Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers according to any strict policies. Vice Versa, it encourages flexibility and customization, only offering updates that make add new options and features;
  • Most Value and Results – although Salesforce is sometimes called an expensive option, the results and ROI customers notice after the first period of using it make it the most efficient investment with the highest pay-off compared to other similar solutions. That is why companies prefer to invest in Salesforce solutions and, at the same time, hire skilled Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers who allow them to enjoy all its benefits.

AWS– The Backbone of Amazon`s Online Business

Currently targeted in 190 countries, Amazon is the most widespread online business that deals with enormous volumes of data. It is only natural that Amazon creates one of the most dynamic job markets today, making its SaaS attractive for professionals who look for perspective career developments.

Amazon Web Services

Let`s see what AWS offers its customers and therefore brings to the professional community:

  • Accessible – AWS offers one of the most accessible training systems that allow companies and independent professionals to learn and apply its principles most easily;
  • Popularity – with Amazon`s active spread of its online solutions, professionals engaging in AWS expect high demand for their services and a wide choice of prospective employers;
  • Security and Credibility – dealing with an enormous volume of information. Amazon and its Web solutions remain the most credible when it comes to safe and secure data storage and transfer. AWS offers a lot of flexibility to its customers, which makes security one of the critical reputational aspects for the company.

How do Companies Choose Between Salesforce and AWS?

When you understand how different businesses and organizations choose between AWS and Salesforce, you, as a professional, see your career perspectives getting engaged with either of the providers. Salesforce is a company that was created for all sorts of businesses from all industries. Moreover, it had mainly aimed at those businesses that could not afford efficient CRM before or were not engaged in the process. 

Therefore, by choosing to learn Salesforce, you introduce yourself to one of the most diverse and variable job markets. At the same time, while technically becoming a Salesforce Admin or a Salesforce developer, you are bound to the company, its certification, and policies; being a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, you remain mainly independent in your creative customization solution. 

Salesforce allows us to adjust every product, create new apps and even build tailored solutions only using its tools to help more businesses and organizations achieve their goals faster. It makes Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers the most demanded and highly-paid professionals in their segment today.

Choosing AWS may, at the same time, be a safe path for IT professionals as hardly can you name a person or a business that is not familiar with Amazon`s products and solutions. However, despite its high popularity, relatively cost-efficient policies, and wide application, AWS has an extremely limited market today, which at the same time has a petty high level of competition, like any other IT job market in the post-Covid era.

If you are familiar with AWS, its solutions, and applications or currently work in a company that adopts AWS and is happy with it, it may be only logical to continue your studies and certification in the field.

However, if you are looking for new career opportunities, aim to boost a stagnated career, or wish to enter a candidate-driven job market with a wide choice of industries, businesses, and organizations to work with, Salesforce would be a perfect opportunity today.

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