Top 6 Reasons Why Every Child Should Learn to Code

Coding, the trending subject to step into the IT hub has perks beyond what it can offer professionally. Digital literacy enhances the brain activity of the child, enabling critical thinking and creativity, hence children are encouraged to learn coding from a very young age. Coding for kids can be made fun by enhancing the readability of the code. Plus age is a benefit for kids as their grasping ability is at its peak in the development stage.

Top 6 Reasons Why Every Child Should Learn to Code

To be technically sound and to keep up with the advancements of this ever-changing world of automation and machines, children need to be exposed to the world of coding at a young age. The vast world of coding has several milestones to be achieved and it's a never-ending field. Sky's the limit for creativity and invention. Here are six reasons why your child should learn coding:

1. Enhances Computational Thinking

Computing and problem-solving are not necessarily the burden laid forth by a mathematical textbook(pun intended). Analyzing the given data to find the solution or solving a given problem needs a mental skill defined as computational thinking. Applying problem-solving techniques and logical reasoning derived from computing and computer science to solve problems in all areas is a skill that needs to be developed from a young age.

2. Encourages a Never Give up Attitude

Though interesting, coding can be challenging to crack as a small error in the code can disable even the right blocks resulting in an error. Many children tend to get annoyed with coding because of this reason. Practising coding diligently for prolonged periods encourages the child to not give up until the final outcome is achieved. The more one tends to be involved in coding the more indulgent one gets to use the algorithms for varied outputs.

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The never give up attitude is essential and present in almost every successful person in history. Coding in the latter stages does not give immediate answers hence the coder has to relentlessly try over and over again which encourages a never give up attitude.

3. Drives one Towards Creativity

Creativity is generally a talent that is inherent by birth in a lot of children whilst certain others struggle with doing something new and different. Creativity is also a skill that can be acquired with practice and that would be by practising coding, beginning from a young age. The more the child explores coding, the more creative he can get because of the challenges posed by coding which the online tutors can break down into small segments and make more understandable.

4. Helps Teach Digital Literacy

Digital literacy refers to the ability to technologically find, evaluate and communicate information on digital platforms. Coding as a subject enhances the ability of the child to get handy with technology and favours technical expression. It also helps students to focus on the innumerable possibilities of building something new and different with the help of codes. As digital literacy is the need of the hour, starting at a very young age is recommended. Learning programming online is the most feasible option with the busy schedule of the child at school.

5. Improves Confidence

Gaining knowledge in general helps improve confidence and removes the feeling of insecurity. Knowing how to solve a problem with very basic coding languages like python, Java, Perl, C, etc. known as the easiest programming languages can be learned with the help of online tutoring websites that provides free coding demo classes as well to begin with.

6. It is a Career-Building Skill

The news channels and the pace of the fast-moving world show trends making machines do what takes humans a long time to perform. Coding is a great domain to begin your child’s career and some online courses excellent online tutors for your child who would instil enthusiasm in the young mind to learn to program. Computer programming courses add value to the school or college certificate a child holds and draws the recruiter closer to the application. Furthermore, it is very extensive and interesting with progressive growth at any point, ensuring it never gets old school.


In conclusion, teaching children how to code is an essential skill for the 21st century. Coding helps to improve problem-solving skills, encourages creativity and teaches children how to think critically. It can also help to open up new career opportunities and provide a sense of accomplishment. With the wide variety of coding resources available, it has never been easier to get started. Parents and educators should take advantage of these resources and teach children how to code.
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