What a Dedicated Development Team is And 5 Reasons to Look

Romania—the third largest IT specialist hub in Eastern Europe, harbours some of the brightest software development minds. So why should you hire dedicated developers in Romania for your IT team? But we digress; first, let's explore what a dedicated development team means.

A dedicated team of developers constitutes software engineers and developers. The expertise of each member almost always overlaps, especially their underlying knowledge of coding and development. Other dedicated development team members may include DevOps support members, UI UX designers, project managers, and QA specialists.

Before selecting a dedicated development team, it's important to understand the scope of what they would be doing and hire a team leader—a developer with immense experience in putting together and leading a team to execute and solve complex matters and understand the vision. Every team needs a vision, missions, action plans, and a leader that can sail the team from concept to market.

What a Dedicated Development Team

While gathering and maintaining a viable and high-powered team can be mountainous, especially for a non-techy CEO, breaking the process into smaller achievable steps will result in better results and a productive work environment.

Can a Dedicated Team be Offshored?

Certainly, you can offshore the facility and personnel needed to complete a dedicated software development team. Most times, companies in the United States and Western Europe tend to establish offshores of their companies in Easter Europe and hire a dedicated development team in Romania.

Are Engineering Teams in Romania any Good?

Absolutely. The Romanian dedicated development team can perform productively and outstandingly, just as any team from Western Europe. Romania is an IT specialist hub, with more than 90,000 IT specialists clustered in city hubs like Iasi, Bucharest, and Cluj-Napoca.

Why Should You Hire Dedicated Developers in Romania?

1. Education

Software development is a big deal in Romania. The country has institutions and facilities that aid the constant production of software graduates into booming tech hubs. Romania produces 7000 IT graduates annually, and its IT industry grows by over 14% yearly. Software education in Romania is encapsulated in their public and private tech institutions and the westernization of many Romanian cities.

For example, 98% of Timisoara IT specialists speak English. These specialists are also quite fluent in German and French. Romania's tech hubs also organize yearly tech events and competitions and offer great incentives to promote the country's tech industry. Romania has 41 tech Universities and a host of colleges and polytechnics. Seven out of forty-one Romanian universities are ranked as some of the best IT institutions in the world.

Currently, at a 3 billion euro evaluation, IT generates up to 6% of Romania's GDP.

2. Tech Hub

Romania has many outstanding tech hubs, from Bucharest to Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, and Timisoara. Last, Romania's second-largest city, has seven universities and connects directly with Western Europe's cities, making movement for CEOs in the UK, Germany, and France easy. Bucharest, Romania's main city, is also an excellent location for offshoring your software development needs. 

And, of course, Timisoara, Romania’s education hub, constantly coronates thousands of IT graduates every year. So if you need junior developers and IT specialists with little work experience but immense drive, you should try Timisoara.

3. More Affordable Expenditure

Offshoring your dedicated development need to Romania will save you tons of money, and you will still get the same value as you would if you hired a US developer. Often, the rate of a developer isn't only determined by expertise but also by the standard of living. The standard of living in the US comes at a much higher cost than the standard of living in Romania.

Romania has a per capita income of $36,662, compared to the US per capita income of over $60,000. The dedicated development team in Canada and the UK have to wrestle with high taxes—especially the latter. A cheaper alternative would be a dedicated development team in Asian countries; however, you might have to deal with the language barrier, especially for IT experts in China.

A junior Romanian developer earns $19,000 per year, while a senior-level developer earns over $30,000. Hourly rates can also differ depending on skill, work experience, and the nature of the project. Enterprise companies often pay more than startups and offer more incentives like bonuses, leave bonuses, vacation, and equipment.

Deciding on how much you will pay a Romanian developer can be streamlined to the demand of such services. For example, developers familiar with Flutter may require more pay than developers that work with React js. If you need a developer with expertise in the internet of things industry, you may have to pay more, as such developers may not be as much as JavaScript developers.

Building an app or a web program? What's the nature of your company's core offerings? What skillset (framework and programming languages) must the average developer be conversant with to work for your company?

Also, some developers may take equity over instant pay; however, they do not be too confident because they often see projects move from concept to market, and such prototypes or products cannot make it to a mass market.

Usually, getting a dedicated software team in Romania would mean evaluating the options at hand and choosing a team that can offer the best within your budget or a little above budget.


The average hourly rate of a Romanian software developer is between $5 to $15 per hour. Junior developers earn within the former price, while senior developers can earn as much as $20. A US senior developer would never take $20 per hour and would most likely charge around $35 to $55 per hour.

While these factors are significant, you must understand the troubles that come when you hire dedicated developers in Romania. Project management is essential for outsourcing because developers working within the outsourcing models work remotely. Understanding how to measure productivity with results will help your company grow and fasten the pace from concept or idea to market.

A Dedicated Development Team Romania comes with its good perks. From the affordability of outsourcing or offshoring to the expertise, dedicated tech facilities, and the lack of language barrier, especially the English language, Romania is an excellent choice for CEOs trying to build tech products within budget.
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