How to Become a Flutter Developer in 2024

39% of businesses use Flutter for App Development. Every company can’t afford to create native apps for multiple platforms due to budget constraints. But, Flutter is a feasible choice for creating native apps. When it comes to mobile app development, Flutter provides a bunch of benefits alongside its excellence. This platform is suitable for both new and seasoned Android and Flutter app developers due to its high-quality native cross-platform interfaces.

How to Become a Flutter Developer

However, as a specialized Flutter app development company, Vision Infotech has extensive experience in developing cross-platform applications in the shortest amount of time and budget. Our experienced Flutter developer knows how to build apps that drive the business to new heights

Flutter Development Process

1. Discover

We brainstorm ideas to achieve game-changing outcomes for your Flutter app development. We understand your vision, and our mission is to provide you with the best Flutter mobile app solution possible.

2. Design

We are committed to developing world-class Flutter applications that have outstanding user interfaces. We create a number of wireframes, draft a program architecture, and quickly prototype the solution based on the selected mockups.

3. Develop

Our Flutter app developers use their years of experience and best development practices to provide the app with a competitive edge.

4. Testing

Our developers put the app into rigorous testing against a set of metrics. We also provide regular product upgrades and maintenance after the launch to ensure that you attract as many end customers as possible.

5. Deployment

Finally, we review the real-time efficiency of the app and validate its accessibility, functionality, and reliability.

Flutter Developer Responsibilities

Flutter is commonly used to design mobile apps and their Web counterparts. Creating effectively often involves working on large teams and following modern development paradigms. Therefore, if you want to hire a Flutter developer, they must:

  • Have a basic understanding of Agile development and why it is necessary
  • Be able to write concise, well-documented (or self-documenting) code
  • Understand how to optimize client-facing software
  • Follow the company guidelines and possess basic social skills

Flutter App Development Stats

  • According to Google Trends, Flutter is the second leading programming language in 2020 followed by React Native for developing customized cross-platform mobile apps.
  • Google, GROUPON, eBay, and Alibaba Group, apps like these have chosen the Flutter platform to make robust apps in a short time.
  • According to the StackOverflow survey, Flutter is the third most loved framework after .Net Core and Torch.
  • Flutter is among the most robust cross-platform app development frameworks and the most popular platform for developing Android and iOS applications.

Types of Developers: Where to Hire Flutter Developers?

Now that you’re convinced to hire a flutter developer, the market offers you the three best alternatives to identify and hire the best resources. With exclusive platforms available to hire developers across the globe, you’ve got an amazing chance to hire either of these three: hire skilled freelance flutter developers, a professional in-house flutter developer/development team, or a reliable flutter app development company.

While each option comes with its perks and limitations, let’s find out how these alternatives will suit your requirements.

1) Freelancers


  • With the rise of freelancing platforms, it becomes easy to hire the right talent at a minimal cost.
  • Freelance flutter developers are a low-cost option as compared to the other alternatives.
  • You just need to pay them on either an hourly basis or a fixed cost price for a certain assigned task.
  • You can hire a specialized talent for a particular project or assignment.


  • Since they work remotely without any kind of supervision, the guarantee for the project deadline seems blurred.
  • Coordination with multiple teams like UI/UX, QA, etc. becomes hard.
  • It's challenging to communicate with the developers if they’re from different time zones and languages.
  • Platforms to find freelance developers:

2) In-house Development Team


  • When your app is already completed and launched, it's good to hire an in-house team for further improvements and updates.
  • The whole team can dedicatedly work on a single project that enhances product quality and deliverables.
  • It let you customize the entire development project with minor or major tech needs.
  • Easy coordination between the design, development, and QA team.


  • Hiring skilled and advanced in-house teams is a highly expensive and time-consuming process.
  • You may need to pay developers even though you don’t have enough tasks for them.
  • In-house developers are usually high on the salary part as compared to freelance developers.
  • There might be an increase in overall company expenditure since they need to bear expenses such as buying new hardware, software, internet expenses, electricity bills, etc.

3) Outsourcing Companies


  • It eliminates the need for any specialist developer in difficult times.
  • Timely project delivery without any glitches.
  • Such companies usually work on a contract basis. It removes the headache of paying on a monthly basis.


  • Communication can be a problem with some developers speaking the regional language but it can be solved with a strong and all-rounder project manager.
  • Needs to schedule calls sometimes due to differences in time zone.
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