The Best Platform To Develop A Mobile App In 2024

The world is driven by technology nowadays, making it imperative to have a smartphone presence for a business’s sustenance. In this modern era, mobile apps constantly bring change in industries, especially the ones that are mobile app-driven, such as cab services, e-commerce, social media apps, etc.

The app development platform market is projected to produce $14 billion by 2024. Moreover, the app development platform demand is rising as it enables developers and owners to gather multiple features and elements into a mobile app.

The Best Platform To Develop A Mobile App

However, the catch is choosing the right tools and frameworks to develop the best app that suits your business. There are a few factors that you must consider while deciding which platform is “the best” for a cross-platform app ontwikkelaar BelgiĆ«, such as if your app is for iOS or Android, or perhaps both.

To become a successful player in the app market, you must indulge in in-depth research, detailed planning, and strategic execution, and have an experienced & dedicated team in place. This also includes meticulous planning of the mobile app development platform to provide seamless services to your end users.

Introduction to an App Development Platform

In simple words, an app development platform is a set of tools, technologies, and services that enables anyone to gather multiple elements & features. Moreover, it enables app developers to build, design, test, and maintain mobile apps across several platforms and devices.

To build a proper mobile app several things have to be considered, like compatibility with other devices and platforms. It can be challenging to create a single mobile app compatible with other platforms and devices.

However, this task can be done easily by leveraging a mobile app development platform that maintains a single code base to allow compatibility with several platforms and devices.

Top Mobile App Development Platforms for 2024

App Development Belgium can help your business build a spectacular app by considering the best platform for your mobile app.

  1. Flutter
  2. Mendix
  3. Alpha Anywhere
  4. Ionic
  5. Sencha
  6. Xamarin

1. Flutter

Maintained by Google, this open-source framework is the best UI toolkit to develop native apps for mobile, web, and desktop. It has completely customized widgets that help create native mobile apps quickly. It is popular for its diversity in UI construction and attributes like producing unique and creative seamless animations.


Flutter is an excellent platform for developing 2D gaming apps or clothing apps for Android or iOS. Some of the app examples developed by Flutter are Alibaba, Google Ads, and Hamilton Music.

Key Features:

  • Build high-performing apps
  • Supports Android and iOS platforms
  • Sophisticated animated APIs

2. Mendix

This is one of the fastest and simplest low-code platforms vastly used by businesses to build web and mobile applications for great performance.

It fastens the delivery of business apps, from app idea to execution. Mendix makes it easy to apply DevOps and Agile. Also, it renders low-code and no-code tools in one fully integrated platform.

Key Features:

  • This can be used for no-code & low-code platforms.
  • Mendix renders significant functionalities and matchless customer support.

3. Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Anywhere is one of the most recommended platforms if you wish to have several options for your programming language. Here, you can use languages such as JavaScript, Xbasic, VB.NET, C#, etc. It is a full front-and-back development platform.

Alpha Anywhere is broadly used for the rapid development and deployment of mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms.

Key Features:

  • You can access apps even when you are offline.
  • This platform has a substantial storage capacity
  • Use of data integration to safely connect with SQL & no-SQL databases.
  • Business-class data security and full admin control
  • A calendar features to easily schedule tasks between all devices.

4. Ionic

This open-source platform is developed with Cordova and Angular, enabling app developers to create iOS and Android apps for smooth performance. Ionic helps developers develop powerful and feature-rich native apps.

The most significant advantage of this framework is that it lets the developers use multiple user-interface elements like forms, views, action sheets, and filters in the app design. It also enables app developers to create cross-platform apps, hybrid apps, and PWAs.

Key Features:

  • Quick and robust app development platform
  • Ionic has full control over app development.
  • This framework smoothly handles all the user-interface components.
  • Free to use & open-source platform
  • It can develop native & progressive web apps.

5. Sencha

This is an MVC-based JavaScript platform providing a high degree of responsiveness to the app for enhancing customer satisfaction. Sencha is already famous for its robust data pack and sophisticated UI resources well-suited for those seeking a data-rich cross-platform app.

This platform is coded by HTML5 and can be downloaded using various operating systems such as iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows, etc.

Key Features:

  • It can handle millions of data.
  • It is best supported with touch events and animations.
  • It can translate the code using mobile app development tools.

6. Xamarin

This one is Microsoft’s open-source framework used for building native and high-performing iOS and Android apps using C# and . NET. This framework enables businesses to render exceptional UX and native performance to users.

Moreover, Xamarin is also known for providing an ecosystem with APIs, backend, and components. The top mobile apps built using Xamarin include Alaska Airlines, The World Bank, and the American Cancer Society.

This platform is even supported by multiple libraries, tools, and programming languages.

Key Features:

  • Xamarin enables deep linking and app indexing.
  • This platform has the best backend infra.
  • It generates very few bugs and is quick for app development.
  • Using Xamarin, you can do testing on more than 1k devices to eliminate bugs.


Choosing the right mobile app development framework can be difficult when you have several options, especially in these competitive times it becomes a critical task. However, all you must do is narrow down your options and this is the simplest thing you can do.

Several experienced mobile app development companies can help your business suggest the best platform for your enterprise app. You need to choose the right app development company that can assist you in doing so. Launching an app in this fierce market requires detailed research and extensive planning; hence making smart choices can indeed bring good results.
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