Challenges in Class 12 Physics Exam and How to Fight Them

“The fundamental laws necessary for the mathematical treatment of a large part of physics and the whole of chemistry are thus completely known, and the difficulty lies only in the fact that the application of these laws leads to equations that are too complex to be solved”. - Paul Dirac

Physics is derived from the Roman word: physikḗ. It is called the 'knowledge of nature’. Here nature is the natural science that studies matter, its motion and behaviour through space and time, and the related entities of energy and force.

It is one of the most important subjects for science students. As students reach class 12, the level of study of physics increases drastically, and they find it hard to cope with it. Some give up, study less while others try to improve some other way and study hard. Here are some of the challenges that students face in their class 12 physics exam.

List of Challenges in Class 12 Physics Exam

List of Challenges in Class 12 Physics Exam

  1. Forgetting formulas: Students tend to forget formulas for the equations because they don’t revise them on a daily basis.
  2. Getting blank during the paper: Becoming blank during the paper is every student’s fear but one should not worry about it. If you have studied well then just stay calm and try to remember everything slowly.
  3. Getting nervous and tense: This is very normal and common. Everyone should feel some kind of tension before the exam in order for them to study well for it. Nervousness is that one feeling that every student gets during tense situations and that’s completely normal.
  4. Using the wrong formula in the question: This may happen at times so it’s better to recheck the answer once you have solved it.
  5. Losing out on time: In life, planning is very important and it acts the same for your exam. Learn to divide your time into several parts to finish on time.
  6. Mixing two answers: If you overstudy then this is bound to happen.
  7. Getting that feeling where the student thinks that they know the answer to each question while reading and forgetting them when they actually write.

Now that you have clearly understood the problems, let’s list down some tips and tricks that you all can follow to score better in your exams and also improve your study patterns.

  • Physics in classes 10 and 12 is easier than what is examined in competitive examinations, a fact that is widely acknowledged by educators and researchers. In school examinations, the question paper consists of theoretical issues based on definitions and proofs, whereas in competitive exams, conceptual questions are asked because it is a concept-based topic. Take your time and don't be concerned about the time. Once students have mastered this concept, they will be able to grasp other topics in Physics in a shorter amount of time. Because Mechanics principles are employed in so many other chapters, it's vital to have a solid understanding of the subject. Learning this aspect of physics requires time and patience. So, be patient and study mechanics thoroughly.
  • While there are only a finite number of concepts, there are a limitless amount of problems on each topic, which never finish in the time allotted since every competition is a race against time. We may quickly finish learning concepts because they are restricted in number. As soon as the physics principles are understood, the logical questions on the curriculum become easier to grasp and solve. Approximately 85 per cent of physics consists of concepts that should first be comprehended. Instead of starting with issues, study and grasp the ideas first.
  • Knowing the meaning of each formula is just as essential as memorizing it. This will make it easier to apply the appropriate one at the right time and location. At some point, physics is essentially understood if the students have formulas at the tip of their fingers and apply the appropriate formula at the right location with full comprehension. A Newtonian formula for gravitational force between two point masses, for example, maybe applied only under three specific circumstances.
  • There are many important topics throughout your physics textbook but here are some of the ones which are most important amongst all of them.
  1. Vectors
  2. Graphs and
  3. The integration is about where, when, and how to use the integration and what element you have to take for integration.
  • A majority of problems are replicated in all books if one buys too many. In other words, you are spending your time on the same sorts of problems. Students and parents wind up buying numerous Physics textbooks and reference books out of enthusiasm and anxiety. Students may get more confused as a result. Just avoid this and focus on the textbook assigned for the academic year. If you wish to know more about a topic then just look for 1 - 2 reference books but not more. NCERT books are the best resources for the class 12 Physics exam. You can refer to Vedantu Class 12 Physics chapters.
  • When it comes to Physics, nearly all students encounter the same kinds of challenges, and you are not the only one. So the last few months of physics classes require complete focus. Keep your cool and don't give up on your goals. Similar to a cricket match, the scenario may be compared. Don't let your wickets getaway. With wickets in hand, you'll surely score well in the last overs of the game.
  • Keep a notepad where you may jot down the laws, principles, and key formulae of basic ideas, along with their derivations. Mind maps enable you to recall knowledge in the least amount of time possible. Each stage in the derivation process must be understood. Fewer examples that you read, the better your comprehension of the subject matter will get. As a result, you should practice the derivations three or four times before the exam. Students who try to evade the numerical section of the exam are doomed to failure. If the numerical sections of the test make you nervous, set aside some time to learn them.

Study everything thoroughly to score well in your grades and always remember that nothing is impossible in this world if you work hard for it. Wishing you all luck with your exams!
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