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3 Best OCR Software Free: People are busy with their tablets or laptops now; everything is becoming paperless but is it true? There are so many documents around you that are important and that are required to be saved. Earlier, for saving any document filing was the best technique, now things are changing, instead of filing physically the concept of e-filing has come up. For that what is required is getting digital data for any paper document, be it an invoice or written text.

The question is how is that possible? It is possible with OCR or the concept of Optical Character recognition. OCR is a technique that helps in converting static images or paper documents into PDFs. With this technology, it is possible to digitize any written document without the pain of typing them again.

Best OCR Software Free

The basic step of OCR starts with scanning the document with the help of a scanner and then saving it in either PDF or JPEG format. After that this saved file can be processed with OCR software and is transformed into a searchable PDF or an editable word file.

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This article highlights how to use the software to convert PDF to text or rather convert image to text. Here are the steps. 

Best OCR Software Free

Below is the list of the top 3 OCR(Optical Character Recognition) Free Software.

  1. Online converter
  2. Microsoft One Note
  3. Google Keep OCR app

1. Online Converter

When it comes to converting you have two options in hand. You can either use an online converter or you may choose from any desktop application for OCR conversion. If you are looking for an online OCR then this is a good place where you can try.

OCR Software Free

Step 1: Go to onlineconvertfree.com

First, you need to visit the site onlineconvertfree.com.

This site is the best resource for various conversions, be it image to text or any other format.

Step 2: Click on OCR

At the top banner, you will find an option OCR. You have to click on that to visit that page.

Here you can start the process of text recognition.

Step 3 Upload file

From your computer, Google Drive or any other location where it is saved, you have to select File which you want to OCR.

Upload it to the page or drag and drop it. You can upload the file by clicking on “Choose File.”

Step 4: Select language and output format

Your document may have a different language. You have to select those languages that are present in the document. Apart from that you also have to choose the desired output format. Like whether you want it in .doc or any other text format.

This online converter supports more than 10 text formats. Apart from that, other 200 more formats can be chosen for converting the uploaded document.

Step 5 Convert file and Download

Once done you have to click on the ‘recognize’ button.

After it is done you have to download the recognized text file.

OCR has completed its task.

2. Microsoft One Note

If you are looking for some desktop application then you can try Microsoft One Note. It is mainly a note keeper that can also be used as an OCR. It also allows Optical Character Recognition; however, though the method is simple and easy it has a limitation. It does not recognize the table or columns. Below mentioned are the steps for using it for OCR.

Step 1

Choose the image for conversion and insert it in OneNote.

Step 2

Select the image and Right-click on it. You have to select the option “Copy Text from Picture.”

After it is selected wait for OneNote to do its work.

Step 3

The software will recognize a text from the image. This text will be copied to a clipboard that can be pasted to any word processing software. Now you have the liberty to save it in any format you want and even edit it. Also, check Passage planning software.

3. Google Keep OCR app

Google Keep is well known for taking and storing notes apart from its OCR functionality. It is an Android app that is quite common in use among those who like OneNote or EverNote. It is a Google product and works in the same network as other products of Google. The best thing about this app is that it is free and you do not have to face any ad.

The steps for recognizing text from an image with the help of Google Keep are

Step 1

You can use it first to scan the image that you want to convert to text.

Step 2

Grab the text from the scanned image. For this, you have to use the three dots that lie on the right-hand panel of the screen.

Step 3

Click and the text will be captured. After the text is being captured you can add any text to the note or even edit it. It can easily be transferred to Google Docs.

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