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Graphic designers come in different shapes and forms depending on the graphic design agency they work for. If you have the budget in place to start your graphic designer search process through a monthly graphic design service, then this is the article for you. In this article we are going to tell you all about to choose a designer and What Payments Do Graphic Designers Demand for Small Business Sites?

With a myriad of graphic design agencies operating across the industry, it's hard to narrow down your choices and hire a specific graphic designer. It may raise doubts, and you might feel insecure about your hiring choice. It's natural to be perplexed about the hiring process, especially if you are a newbie to the hiring scene. First, you need to abandon the search engine option where you can Google out “designers for hire” or “best graphic designster agency.” At least for now.

How to Choose a Designer- Step by Step Guide

Take a deep breath and pause. Let us give you the advice you need to follow before making any rash decisions. If you ignore it, it might cost you dearly in your future endeavours. So, trust us when we say that we have the best guidelines in your hiring process.

How to Choose the Right Designer in just 4 steps

  • How to Choose the Right Designer 
  • Understand the Designer’s Job
  • Choice Criteria
  • Where to Look for A Designer?

1. How to Choose the Right Designer

It would be best if you gained as much insight from your graphic designer as pertaining to your business goals. Learn how he can influence and affect your business prospects. This is the initial hiring process, which requires substantial research. You need to understand the graphic designer’s ideology and whether that ideology aligns with yours. Focus more on the work that will bring necessary modifications in your product, in turn, serving your target audience. If your focus relies too much on the aesthetics portion of the design, then your product might falter.

How to Choose the Right Designer

Focus is mandatory in this process. If you remain unfocused and just outright hire and assign the graphic designer with your project, you may forget your project's instrumental requirements. If you meddle with his work in the middle of the designing process, you will fail miserably and lose your graphic designer as a result.

Place a timeline of what you want to be designed and what you expect from a graphic designer. Have all the answers to the questions placed in your mind when you will be questioned by your graphic designer. Understand what fields of designs have to be completed and what type of graphic design services are required.

2. Understand the Designer’s Job

This time around, you need to place special attention on the graphic designer's talents and skills. Look at what kind of designing field he specializes in and what type of services he provides with respect to the designing industry. Take the following examples.

  • A UI Designer provides his services in designing an interface.
  • A UX Designer concentrates on user experience.
  • A web designer will design your web page.
  • A product designer will polish, design, and adapt your product according to your requirements.
  • An interaction designer will ensure that your project interactions are neat and sweet.
  • A motion designer will move your things that have a sense of purpose.
  • A Graphic designer will provide you with the illustrations you need to enhance your graphics.

3. Choice Criteria

Availability: If you are dealing with your first project, make a schedule you and your graphic designer can adhere to. Ask him if he can remain committed to the design without taking any leaves or vacations in the duration of the process.

Budget: Do not hide your budget from your graphic designer under any circumstances. Be transparent with him. If he is receptive to the budget, then you have nothing to fear. As far as experiences and well qualified graphic designers are concerned, they never settle for less, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised if they charge you more. If you remember this rule, you can quicken your hiring process with convenience.


  • Be transparent with your graphic designer.
  • Ask him what he can and cannot do.
  • Check out his portfolio to confirm or determine whether or not he is telling the truth regarding his skills.
  • Never be afraid to judge and assess his prior work.
  • Do not act conceited and behave arrogantly with the graphic designer and NEVER insult his intelligence.

It should be noted that judging a graphic designer’s skill is extremely difficult, which is why you need to do due diligence and trust your instincts when narrowing down the level of expertise of the specific designer. If you are an amateur in the hiring process, you may be prone to fall into entrapment by shady graphic designers. You are welcome to reach out to the graphic designer’s former clients and receive their input on whether or not the specific designer’s credentials are legitimate.

Team Fit: It is important to note that you and your graphic designer will operate as a team. You need to develop a cohesive communication line with one another. Observe the manner the graphic designer interacts with you and whether the two of you share the chemistry to get along with one another. A freelancer may be difficult to pin down in this aspect. When it comes to a graphic designer working from an agency, they can choose the graphic designer for you that matches your requirement criteria. You can engage with him and entertain a conversation to know where he stands with you.

Personality: Personality counts as an important element in the selection process. Every graphic designer is an individual who has a unique personality and ideology. It will be the defining element in whether he can develop chemistry with you as a teammate. Since you will spend more time with your hired graphic designer, observe whether or not he has an argumentative or cooperative personality before entering into a professional relationship with him.

It is best to seek a fellow business counterpart’s opinion on where you can find a graphic designer best suited to further your business endeavours. You can easily probe such graphic designers based on personal recommendations. If the graphic designer’s profile does not suit you, ask for another recommendation. You can always use Google or other search engines to get an idea with respect to reviews of the graphic designing agency. Take the next big step in contacting and approaching the graphic designer yourself. Talk to him in person or through a social media network. See if you to mesh or not. Receive as much information as possible from him and see if he has the right temperament to craft your work.

Choosing a graphic designer is not easy, especially if you are an amateur in the hiring game. It can feel intimidating and worrisome, but it's imperative that you never lose your cool. Take our advice and stick with it. You will see the fruits of your search process materialize very soon. Always remember to be respectful and put a smile on your face now and then when connecting with your graphic designer.

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