Leave it up to the Expert with these 5 AI Video Editing Programs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making everything better in the world. The world of entertainment is no exception to this. AI-based editing tools are revolutionizing the video creation process. Those interested in video editing need complex skills.

The first step is to process the raw footage and arrange it in the right sequence. Then errors in shooting the content get fixed. Then comes the adding of appropriate transitions, voice, music, and subtitles where needed.

Video editing has come a long way from needing hours and days of manual fixing. The latest technology is AI-assisted video editing. Today’s sophisticated AI editing tools can automatically turn images into videos along with identifying various abnormalities and auto-fix them.

5 AI Video Editing Programs

Benefit from the Amazing Advantages of AI Video Editing Programs

Using many of these AI video editing tools is easy. Most of them need you to drag and drop the footage, and they do most of the work. To get you started, here’s a list of 5 AI video editing programs to help you make high-quality videos with little effort:


InVideo has been actively working on making the video editing process AI-powered. Its recent conference announced a slew of exciting AI features to its editing tool. The AI-powered features optimize content for social media.

It edits and crops videos to fit the requirements of various social media platforms. While cropping each frame, the feature ensures the focus of the video is not cut off. It can also pan the video to centre the main elements.

Square, vertical, and 16:9 are the three aspect ratios that InVideo can work with. Choose between three speeds for your final product with this tool. The system can convert your video into slow motion, regular speed (default), or fast motion.

The tool can also auto-resize the caption text to fit the aspect ratio of the frame. InVideo created the video collage maker to combine different videos together specifically for YouTube creators and is a free version.


Lumen5 allows you to create high-quality videos in minutes. It uses advanced AI technology to automate various aspects of the editing process. It can combine images, text, and even social media to create ready-to-use videos.

You can provide the script to Lumen5 as an input link to a blog or through an RSS feed. The platform will then read the text and line up relevant visual content.

The quality of visuals it can put together is impressive and eliminates most of the manual work. It can also match appropriate music for each scene. Lumen5 can detect the ideal scene length based on several variables.

It uses data points like the theme of the content and text in each segment. When videos need closed captions, it identifies the ideal position to place these. Lumen5 determines this based on the media's composition and colour scheme.


QuickStories is another popular AI-assisted video editing tool. It is a part of the GoPro app and makes editing raw footage easy to create. It automates the complete editing process, like adding music, effects, and choosing filters.

The GoPro app is available both for iOS and Android, so you can share content on any phone or computer. QuickStories accesses raw footage from GoPro's HERO5 camera. To use the app, pair the camera with the GoPro app on your phone.

Once paired, QuickStories does the editing work for you. The best part of all this is that the videos do not occupy much space. Moreover, if the user does not access the video for seven days, the system deletes it.


With over ten years of experience in the video making industry, Magisto is one of the most popular editors around. It provides AI features for state-of-art social media mash-up videos. Not surprisingly, it is developed by the video platform leader Vimeo.

The standout Magisto is 'themes.' It provides themes that a user can choose like "so cute" or "stylish brat." The user choice prompts the algorithm to select relevant music, filters, effects, and captions.

It makes it easy to create videos with a clear end objective in mind. It integrates photos and videos in its storytelling, which makes the end product multi-dimensional. A recent feature added to the tool by Magisto is the video organizer.

The system intelligently organizes videos to make them easy to share and collaborate. It uses cloud technology for storage for both frontend and backend. This feature reduces the amount of space needed to store videos on the phone or the computer.


GliaStudio is a specialized AI video editing tool that is used for converting text to video. You can use it for converting not just scripts but also statistical data points into engaging video formats.

You can provide the source data directly in the tool, add a link, or upload a data file to convert it into a video. GliaStudio has a rich collection of media files, clips, photos, and graphics for creating high-quality video content. It transforms simple text and data into engaging content. 

GliaStudio has superior text-to-speech technology where it can generate narrator voices. It eliminates the need for you to create voice-overs. This feature is available in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

Use AI Video Editing Tools to Stay on Top

Using AI-powered video editing tools saves you time and, if you are artistically challenged, makes you look like a pro. Most programs are surprisingly cost-effective and use minimum storage space on your devices.

These programs save you from using multiple tools for optimizing your content for various social media platforms. They come with a full understanding of today's video creators' needs, and it reflects in the output they generate. 

If you are considering using an AI-powered editor, you will be spoilt for choice. We recommend you start with the free tools that are available out in the market before investing deeply. Be clear about which social media platforms you want to create content for and what objectives you want to achieve. Once you have this sorted, you can identify programs that suit your needs.

You will quickly realize that this emerging field is exciting. Post a few AI-generated videos alongside ones you manually edited and be prepared to be blown away. AI-generated content performs as well as manually edited videos, if not better.
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