Different Uses of a Vertical Grid in Web Designs

Grid-based designs have been widely used in sectors such as graphic design, but they are now used in web design. These designs consist of a series of columns that allow organizing and structuring of contents (text, images, media) in an orderly and uniform manner.

When the word grid is used, we usually think of the asymmetric grid where each small square has the same size. However, there are also other types of grids with each one having a specific use. For example, a grid based on diamonds patterns of design is usually used to give more movement to the elements that are placed in the design. In this article, we will talk about the vertical grid and how its use in your web designs can be beneficial.

Vertical Grid in Web Designs

What is the vertical grid for?

The vertical grids are used mostly in editorial design. Additionally, you can set the line size for your texts and thus have more control over the space used by each text box that you place on the page. In web design, a vertical grid also helps you to align your elements, as well as reach the rhythm in a composition.

The vertical grid will also help you to establish certain rules for your design. This basic structure offers you certain guidelines to follow for the spacing, the location of the elements, the size, and alignment of the texts, etc. In other words, it helps you achieve a higher level of organization and create an adequate rhythm in the composition. This is beneficial for all types of users, but particularly for those who access the site from smartphones as they tend to do more scrolling to get to see the whole page.

As a result, you get a web page with adequate spacing that is easy for the user to understand. Each element gets a space in the mind of the user and by maintaining a constant spacing, you can work in different sections without any disunity among the elements. When you see the design of all the sections, you can see that each of them is part of a whole.

To align text boxes

As we mentioned previously, vertical grids are used more frequently in editorial design where much of the content is text even though it is combined with images.

Apart from considering vertical grids to be able to align paragraphs, it is also important to consider the baseline. This allows you to create rhythm in your composition and limit the paragraphs to a certain extent for each text box. We could make a comparison with the notebooks used by school children. They have horizontal lines that children use to calculate the height of the letters. In web design, these lines also exist. They are applied in an imaginary way to each text box in order to align them correctly.

While the baseline serves to calculate the size of each line of text and the length of the text within its respective box, vertical grids are useful to be able to align paragraphs and create rhythm within your composition. Both elements are of great importance to organize the text of your website, so take them into account in your next projects. Ensure that you contact top web development companies for your web development projects.

For card-based design

The card-based design is a current trend and you can create your own more easily if you use a vertical grid. Thanks to this grid, you can achieve an adequate spacing between each card. This, in turn, helps to delimit the theme of each card for the user. Now, everything depends on you placing the right content on each card to be able to make use of this popular trend on your website.

Additionally, a more accurate vertical grid can help you find the right size for each element and correctly apply the typographic hierarchy on your website.

For the composition organization

The fact of using a grid does not imply that the final design should look like a grid if you do not want it that way. We know that it is a popular trend and a very useful style when working with online portfolios, but you do not need to adopt this style just because you work with a grid. The secret is to use the grid as a guide. The grid is often invisible to the user if properly used. Even though the user perceives the organization and alignment of the elements, thanks to these features, they can read the content fluidly but they do not see the grid clearly.

Then, remember to use the vertical grid to organize the elements of your web page. Your users will be more than grateful if you do so.

In conclusion

Using a vertical grid in the designs of your web pages helps you to align your elements, calculate the spacing and size of text, as well as to create rhythm in your composition which essential for your users to find some order and consistency in the webpage. Also, the rhythm is also used to embellish the composition, as the repetitions of elements can also have a decorative aspect. You have to understand the ways the different elements behave in the grids for an excellent design of your web pages. Ensure that you contact top web development companies for your web development projects.

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