Liferay DXP – Why When What Who

Liferay DXP – Why When What Who

What is Liferay DXP? or What is Java Liferay? or What is Liferay in it? or What language is Liferay written in?.

In 2016 Gartner accredited Liferay as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals for the seventh year in a row based on parameters such as market understanding, sales strategy, innovation, core product and services offerings, financial health, customer experience and market responsiveness. It was the same year when Liferay introduced the next level of its enterprise edition as Liferay DXP that got a warm welcome from both the developer community and the enterprise.

Liferay DXP – Why When What Who

Why Liferay DXP

Liferay DXP is a revolutionary version of Liferay that has entitled it as a competent technology platform rather than an enterprise portal solution. 

Strategically Developed Mature Product

  • Liferay DXP is a mature technology platform that has been innovated and launched after a significantly successful journey of Liferay

  • You can get developed a highly customized solution that can match any specific, comprehensive or complex requirements along with remarkable performance

Intelligent Investment

  • Liferay DXP can be considered as an intelligent investment as it offers resilient and dynamic technology low TCO and high ROICost effective to maintain and to scale with growth and time 

  • Well-equipped open-source with built-in resources, hence you don’t need to pay for additional features

  • Lower ancillary and scaling costs due to better supports to more choices for hardware and software compatibility

Trouble-free Adoption

  • Quick configuration and secured implementation with the easily adaptable and reusable presentation layer

  • Optimum User Interface, familiar desktop conveniences, and easy navigations enable easy adoption of the solution across the enterprise

Agility for the Future

  • As and when required either for operational excellence or for competitive advantage, it is easy to add new functionalities and tools to your existing solution

When Liferay DXP

For the logical mapping between Enterprise Architecture and Information Technology strategy. IT Support Glasgow

  • In general, the concept of Enterprise Architecture is mainly about structuring the logic for various business processes aligned with the enterprise’s growth plan. IT strategies are developed and implemented to standardize the business processes in line with the company’s operating model with minimized possibilities of risk. Liferay DXP is the right tool to create potential sync between the Enterprise Architecture and the Information Technology strategy of a visionary enterprise.

  • In a practical scenario, such sync is created through technology solutions that work as a digital workplace and collaboration platform across the enterprise’s internal and external business ecosystem along with providing a personalized experience to its every user. Liferay DXP empowers you to create a winning combination of an excellent user experience encompassing all modern trends of digital interactions and substantial technological capabilities for optimized business process operations

What is Liferay DXP

  • Liferay DXP is a feature-rich enhanced digital experience platform that enables the development of cost-effective integrated technology solutions including content-rich web applications and enterprise portals that are easily adaptive to mobility

  • It is an effective tool to handle digital transformation throughout the enterprise and being used by many well-known global organizations including Airbus, Allianz, Domino’s, T-Mobile, Schneider, and NASA

Who should opt for Liferay DXP

If you are on the way to manifesting an idea into an innovation

  • Once the business vision is clear, the critical components of manifesting an idea into innovation are: Engaging product design in line with the nature of business, flexibility, and scalability of the proposed solution, security, and great analytical capabilities, seamless integration of the most suitable technologies and distinctive user experience

  • Liferay DXP is the right technology platform for you to conceptualize an idea into a solution encompassing the latest and futuristic aspects of an innovative solution 

If you are willing to simplify and drive the agility for operational excellence as well as a competitive advantage

When you are in need of an automated technology solution that can be used as an organizational productivity booster and enables you:

  • To furnish your employees with secured, consistency and role-based access to organizational documents and information without any geographical limitations

  • To handle Enterprise Content Management and Web Publishing smartly in line with all up to the minute trends

  • To streamline customer communications through a collaborated platform using multiple touchpoints

Liferay DXP enables the development of massive, complex and integrated technology applications specifically designed not only to address each of your business challenges but also to act as a potential driving force for your business.


When it comes to the selection of the right technology, an analytical and fact-based approach plays a critical role in making a fruitful decision. All in all, Liferay DXP provides a practical solution that actually works. Additionally, with low TCO and adequate ROI, it is flexible enough to drive strategic growth for the future. Apart from being used and acknowledged by globally leading organizations, Liferay DXP is strongly advocated by technology experts as well due to the functional beauty and technical capabilities.

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