Geeksforgeeks Solution For " Overlapping rectangles "

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Problem :- Given two rectangles, find if the given two rectangles overlap or not. A rectangle is denoted by providing the x and y co-ordinates of two points: the left top corner and the right bottom corner of the rectangle.

Note that two rectangles sharing a side are considered overlapping.

Geeksforgeeks Solution For " Overlapping rectangles "

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Solution :-

using namespace std;
struct point
    int x;
    int y;
int main(void)
    int t;
        point l1,r1,l2,r2;
        if(r1.y==r2.y && r2.x==l1.x && l2.y==l1.y)cout<<"1\n";
        else if(r1.x==r2.x && l1.y==r2.y && l2.x==l1.x)cout<<"1\n";
        else if(l2.x==r1.x && l2.y==l1.y && r2.y==r1.y)cout<<"1\n";
        else if(l2.x==l1.x && l2.y==r1.y && r2.x==r1.x)cout<<"1\n";
        else if(l2.x>=r1.x || l1.x>=r2.x || l2.y<=r1.y || l1.y<=r2.y)cout<<"0\n";
        else cout<<"1\n";
    return 0;


Geeksforgeeks Solution For " Overlapping rectangles "

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