C Program to Store Student Information Using Structures And Pointer

Problem:- Write A C Program to Store Information Using Structures With Pointer With Dynamically Memory Allocation In Structure In C or c program to store information of 10 students using structure or c program to store information using structures with dynamic memory allocation or dynamic memory allocation for structures in c or dynamic memory allocation in c programming examples or c program using structures employee details or dynamic memory allocation for array of structures in c or memory allocation for structure members in c or c program examples using structures.

What Is Pointer?.

The pointer is a variable which holds the address of another variable. If you want to practice more on pointer question Click here.

Defining a structure

struct keyword is used to define a structure. struct define a new data type which is a collection of different type of data.

Syntax :

struct structure_name


#include <stdio.h>
struct name {
   int a;
   char c[30];
int main(){
   struct name *ptr;
   int i,n;
   printf("Enter The No. : ");

/* Allocates the memory for n structures with pointer ptr pointing to the base address. */
   ptr=(struct name*)malloc(n*sizeof(struct name));
       printf("Enter string and integer respectively:\n");
       scanf("%s%d",&(ptr+i)->c, &(ptr+i)->a);
   printf("Displaying Infromation:\n");
   return 0;



C Program to Store Student Information Using Structures And Pointer

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