HackerRank solution for Pointer In C++

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Check This- Hacker rank Solution for C++ Sub Domain Introduction, Classes, STL, Inheritance.

Explanation:- We know about the pointer, as we know pointer holds the address of another variable. In this problem, we are passing the address of a variable not the value of the variable so anything changes into the value, affect the original value of the variable. If you want to practice in pinter there are many programs you can understand.

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#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

void update(int *a,int *b)
    int temp = *a;
    *a = *a + *b;
    *b = temp - *b;

    if(*b < 0)
        *b = -(*b);

int main() 
    int a, b;
    int *pa = &a, *pb = &b;

    update(pa, pb);

    return 0;


Hacker Rank solution for Pointer In C++

Hacker Rank solution for Pointer In C++

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