C++ Program To Print A String

Problem:- Write A C++ Program To Print A Full String Input By Keyboard or how to print a string in c++ using cout or print string in c++ using printf or how to output a string in c or cout string array c++ or write a c++ program that displays your name on the output screen or input string in c++ or string manipulation in c++ program or string in c++ example or output string c++ or cout string array c++ or print string in c++ using printf or how to output a string in c or c++ string << operator or c++ cout example or c++ operator to string or how to print quotation marks in c++.

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Logic:- Take an input and using a " For Loop " print string in screen this is a very simple program just like a print a Hello World!.  In this program I use a gets() function this is why we can take an input included with space or in other words we can say that we can take a sentence as in input. For next level, after this problem, you can check this problem and practice See the problem C++ Program To Display String From Backward 

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using namespace std;
int main()
/*Visit - www.programmingwithbasics.com*/
    cout<<"\nVisit - www.programmingwithbasics.com";
  char a[20];
  int i,j;

  cout<<"\n\nEnter The String: ";
  cout<<"\n\nYour Entered String is Given Below \n\n";

return 0;


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