C++ Program To Find Cube Using Functions

Problem :- Write A C++ Program To Find Cube Of Any Number Using Functions .

Logic :- Very Simple Just pass the value in Function If you don't know Function You Can see the another Example C Program to Display Prime Numbers Between Intervals Using Using Function

Solution :-

using namespace std;

int main()
//By-Ghanendra Yadav
float cube(float);  //Function Type is float
float num,cu;
cout<<"Enter Any Number To Find Cube :\t";
cout<<"\nCube Of "<<num<<" is = "<<cu<<endl<<endl;
return 0;

float cube(float a)
float cu;


C++ Program To Find Cube Using Functions

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    1. Hello,

      as you can see that I have taken Two float variable num and cu. in num we store user input and in cu we are taking the final output and printing in console.

      Don't worry this program is very old when I was beginner in programming this is just a n experiment.

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    3. Hello, Faheem

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