C++ Program To Check Year Is Leap Year Or Not

Problem :- Write A Program To Check Year Is Leap Year Or Not .Means Year Has 366 Days in Year .

Logic :- We Know that leap year have 366 Days in a year ,so if year is divide by 4 and 400 then year is leap year or one more condition if year divide by 100 then Year Is Not leap year or Leap Year Comes Every 4 Years Like 
1992 ,1996 ,2000 ,2004 ,2008 ,2012 ,2016 ,2020 These are leap Years. 

Solution :-

using namespace std;
int main()
//By-Ghanendra Yadva
int year;

cout<<"Enter The Year You Want To Check : \n";
if((year%4)==0 && (year%400)==0)
cout<<"\nYear Is Leap Year\n";
else if(year%100==0)
cout<<"\nYear Is Not Leap Year\n";
cout<<"\nYear Is Leap Year\n";
return 0;


C++ Program To Check Year Is Leap Year Or Not

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