Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Create An Online Registration Form For Job Portal.

Create an Online Registration Form for Job Portal.

Copy Ccde From here:

<head><title>Job Portal Registration Form</title>
<script type="text/javascript">
function validate_required(field, alerttxt)
if (value===null||value==="")
{alert(alerttxt); return false;}
else {return true;}

function validate_form(thisform)
if (validate_required(fname, "First name must be filled out!")===false)
   {fname.foucus(); return false;}
if (validate_required(lname, "Last name must be filled out!")===false)
   {lname.foucus(); return false;}
if (validate_required(password, "Password must be filled out!")===false)
   {password.foucus(); return false;}
if (validate_required(rpassword, "Retype Password must be filled out!")===false)
   {rpassword.foucus(); return false;}
<body bgcolor="aqua" align="center" border="3" >
<h1 align=center>Online Registration Form</h1>
<font color="gray" size="15px" border="3" ><b><i>Job Portal</b></i></font>
<FORM METHOD='get' ONSUBMIT="return validate_form(this);" ACTION="" align="left" >
<h2><DIV>First Name:         <INPUT TYPE='text' NAME='fname' VALUE='' required placeholder="Ex: Ghanendra " SIZE=30 MAXLENGTH=25></DIV><br/>
<DIV>Middle Name:     <INPUT TYPE='text' NAME='fname' VALUE=''required placeholder="Ex: Pratap Singh " SIZE=30 MAXLENGTH=25></DIV><br/>
<DIV>Last Name:          <INPUT TYPE='text' NAME='lname' VALUE='' required placeholder="Ex: Yadav " SIZE=30 MAXLENGTH=25></DIV><br/> 
<input type="text" name="dob" id="dob" size="30" required placeholder="Ex: 15/07/1992"></DIV><br>
<DIV>Password:             <INPUT TYPE='password' NAME='password' required SIZE=30 MAXLENGTH=25></DIV><br/> 
<DIV>Retype Password:<INPUT TYPE='password' NAME='rpassword' required SIZE=30 MAXLENGTH=25></DIV><br/>
<INPUT TYPE='text' NAME='email' VALUE='' SIZE=30 required placeholder="Ex:" MAXLENGTH=25></DIV><br/> 
<DIV>Sex:<INPUT TYPE='radio' NAME='sex' VALUE='M'>Male
<INPUT TYPE='radio' NAME='sex' VALUE='F'>Female
<DIV>Write About You:<TEXTAREA NAME='about' required COLS=30 ROWS=4></TEXTAREA></DIV><br/>
<DIV>Your Academic Level: <SELECT><OPTION>High School<OPTION>College Degree<OPTION>University Degree</SELECT></DIV><br/>
<DIV>Select your Skill:<br/><INPUT TYPE='checkbox' NAME='C' VALUE='M'>C<br/>
<INPUT TYPE='checkbox' NAME='topic' VALUE='T'>C++<br/>
<INPUT TYPE='checkbox' NAME='topic' VALUE='T'>JAVA<br/>
<INPUT TYPE='checkbox' NAME='topic' VALUE='T'>HTML<br/>
<INPUT TYPE='checkbox' NAME='topic' VALUE='T'>PYTHON<br/>
<INPUT TYPE='checkbox' NAME='topic' VALUE='T'>PERL<br/>
<INPUT TYPE='checkbox' NAME='topic' VALUE='P'>ASP.NET<br/><br/>
<INPUT TYPE='submit' VALUE='Submit'>    <INPUT TYPE='reset' VALUE='Reset'></h2>


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