C Program To Add Two Distances (in Feet and Inches) Using Structure

Problem:- C Program To Add Two Distances ( in inch-feet ) System Using Structures In C or C program to add two distances in feet and inches using structure or C++ Program to Add Two Distances in Inch and Feet Using Structures or C Program to Add Two Distances (in inch-feet) Using Structures or C++ Program to Add Two Distances (in inch-feet) System Using Structure or Add Two Distances as feet and inches using Structure or C program to Add Two Distances (in inch-feet) or C Program to add two distances using structures.

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What Is Structure

The structure is a user-defined data type in C which allows you to combine different data types to store a particular type of record. Structure helps to construct a complex data type in a more meaningful way.

A structure is used to represent a record. Suppose you want to store a record of Student which consists of student name, address, roll number and age. You can define a structure to hold this information.

Defining a structure

struct keyword is used to define a structure. struct define a new data type which is a collection of different type of data.

Syntax :

struct structure_name

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#include <stdio.h>

struct Distance
int feet;
float inch;

int main()

//Ghanendra Yadav

printf("Enter information for 1st distance\n");
printf("Enter feet: ");
printf("Enter inch: ");


printf("\nEnter information for 2nd distance\n");
printf("Enter feet: ");


printf("Enter inch: ");



if (sum.inch>12.0)

printf("\nSum of distances=%d\'-%.1f\"",sum.feet,sum.inch);

return 0;



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