C++ Program For Find The Gross Salary Of An Employee

Problem:- Write A C++ Program For Find The Gross Salary Of An Employee. Gross salary is different from Net, Salary gross salary calculated annual basis we can calculate a gross salary by using the following formula (Gross salary = Net Salary - Deduction. ). 
Deduction = Tax ( HRA. + DA. + MA. ).

Formula's :- Gross Salary = Basic + Da + Hra + Ma. 
                      Deduction = Gross Salary - Pf - Pt - It. 
                      Net Salary = Gross Salary - Deduction. 

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Logic:- For finding a gross salary of Employee we need to calculate DA and HRA then Sum Of Basic Salary + HRA + DA. after calculating the sum print the sum. So basically first we calculate a DA, and HRA after that we add basic salary + HRA +DA  so, in this way, we can find the Gross salary of an employee.

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using namespace std;
int main()
          /* Program By Ghanendra Yadav
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  float GrossPayment,basic,da,hra,da1,hra1;

  cout<<" Enter basic salary : ";

  cout<<" Enter DA : ";

  cout<<" Enter HRA : ";

  da = (da1 * basic) / 100;
  hra = (hra1 * basic) / 100;

  GrossPayment = basic + da + hra;

  cout<<"\n Gross Salary :"<<GrossPayment<<endl;;
  return (0);


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C++ Program For Find The Gross Salary Of An Employee

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