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Design a web page using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which includes the following:

1) Use different font, styles: In the style definition you define how each selector should work (font, color etc.). Then, in the body of your pages, you refer to these selectors to activate the styles. 
2) Set a background image for both the page and single elements on the page. 
3) Control the repetition of the image with the background-repeat property. As background-repeat: repeat tiles the image until the entire page is filled, just like an ordinary background image in plain HTML. 
4) Define styles for links as A: link A: visited A: active A: hover 
5) Work with layers

Copy And Paste Code Into Notepad And Save As You Want With name.html  And Open In Your Browser


<html><head><title>frame 6</title></head>
<body bgcolor= "#9370DB">
<marquee behavior="alternate"><font size="10px" color="white">WELCOME TO NIT WARANGAL</font></marquee><br><br>
<marquee direction="up"> <font size="5px" >GHANENDRA YADAV </font> </marquee><br>
<font color="WHITE" size="5px"><marquee direction="left" style="background:#800000">GHANENDRA YADAV</marquee></font>
<marquee direction="right" behavior="alternate" scrollamount="15"><font color="red" size="5px">GHANENDRA YADAV</font></marquee>
<marquee style="border:green 5px SOLID"><font color="#00FF7F" size="5px">GHANENDRA YADAV</font></marquee>
<marquee  behavior="alternate"><font color="white" size="5px">GHANENDRA </font><img src="a.gif"  width="400" height="230"  border="3" ></marquee>


<html><head><style type="text/css">
<body background="hulk.gif" height="200" width="400">
<i><marquee> <h1>NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY WARANGAL</h1> </marquee>
</i><a href="g.html"><h2>Click Here !!!</h2></a>


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