C Program For Reverse A Number Using While Loop

Problem :- Write a C Program For Reverse A given Number Using While Loop Ex. if you enter 123456789 then reverse number will be 987654321 .

Logic :- Logic for reverse a digit is simple lets take a example 12345 now first we divide a number with 10 so we get reminder 5 store the reminder and then and using this logic we multiply rev = rev * 10 + rem and again divide the number with 10 ,now number is 1234 and repeat a process again and again until number become greater or equal 1.
If you Understood then try to solve given problem .

Try Yourself C++ Program To Print A Reverse Number Using Loop

Solution :-


int main()
  //Ghanendra Yadav
    int num, rem, rev = 0;

   printf("Enter Any Number to be Reversed :\n");
   scanf("%d", &num);

   while (num >= 1) 
      rem = num % 10;
      rev = rev * 10 + rem;
      num = num / 10;

   printf("\nReversed Number : %d", rev);
   return (0);


C Program For Reverse A Number Using While Loop

Ghanendra Yadav

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