Sustainable Square Hiring Internship Trainee

Location: Mumbai

If you are interested in learning more about practical work in:
Social Impact Measurement and Management
Sustainability for businesses
Frameworks, standards, and tools
Monitoring and Evaluation techniques
Reporting and transparency
Or related fields

You can join our team. Here are our requirements for an intern candidate. They must be (all of the below):

1. Passionate
2. Committed
3. Communicative & able to write
4. Able to learn
5. Good personality
6. Dedicated
7. Honest
8. Ethical
9. Interest in our fields
10. Flexibility

The internship will be a 1-2 month, project-based, remote work in order to better understand who you are, and what you are capable of. It will be unpaid. Upon completion, there are career options available. The period will be from early December until the end of January/early February.

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