HackerRank Algorithm Solution

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Table of Content

1. Warmup

2. Implementation

3. Strings

4. Sorting

5. Search

6. Graph Theory

7. Greedy

8. Dynamic Programming

9. Constructive Algorithms

10. Bit Manipulation

11. Recursion

12. Game Theory

13. NP-Complete

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1. Warmup

2. Implementation

1. Grading Students

2. Apple and Orange

3. Kangaroo

4. Between Two Sets

5. Divisible Sum Pairs

6. Breaking the Records

7. Migratory Birds

8. Bon App├ętit

9. Sock Merchant

10. Drawing Book

11. Counting Valleys

12. Electronics Shop

13. Cats and a Mouse

14. Magic Square Forming

15. Picking Numbers

16. Climbing the Leaderboard

17. The Hurdle Race

18. Designer PDF Viewer

19. Utopian Tree

20. Angry Professor

21. Beautiful Days at the Movies

22. Viral Advertising

23. Save the Prisoner!

24. Circular Array Rotation

25. Sequence Equation

26. Jumping on the Clouds: Revisited

27. Find Digits

28. Extra Long Factorials

29. Append and Delete

30. Sherlock and Squares

31. Library Fine

32. Cut the sticks

33. Non-Divisible Subset

34. Repeated String

35. Jumping on the Clouds

36. Equalize the Array

37. Queen's Attack II

38. ACM ICPC Team

39. Taum and B'day

40. Organizing Containers of Balls

41. Encryption

42. Bigger is Greater

43. Modified Kaprekar Numbers

44. Beautiful Triplets

45. Minimum Distances

46. The Time in Words

47. Chocolate Feast

48. Service Lane

49. Lisa's Workbook

50. Flatland Space Stations

51. Fair Rations

52. Cavity Map

53. Manasa and Stones

54. The Grid Search

55. Happy Ladybugs

56. Strange Counter

57. Absolute Permutation

58. The Bomberman Game

59. Ema's Supercomputer

60. Larry's Array

61. Almost Sorted

62. Matrix Layer Rotation

3. Strings

4. Sorting

5. Search

6. Graph Theory

7. Greedy

8. Dynamic Programming

9. Constructive Algorithms

10. Bit Manipulation

11. Recursion

12. Game Theory

13. NP-Complete

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